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We encourage healthy, mature, and respectful dialogue pertaining to these critical issues for our district.

The account manager(s) of this page do not intend to respond to comments unless they deem it to be warranted. As a result, all comments are of individual and personal opinion and are not the expressed opinions of this page.

By engaging with this account, you recognize that the following is prohibited from this page, and if violated, may result in being blocked or removed. Such actions include but are not limited to: use of profanity, obscene language, offensive imagery, reference to violence in any form, threats, derogatory language, or other items at the discretion of the account manager(s).

The account managers may remove or block with or without notice should the above be violated.

We hope this page helps you to become aware of current issues and how you can be involved to make a difference in a peaceful and respectful manner.

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