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For additional information on endorsed candidates, Gary Clifford and Shaunna Elias, see below.

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Shaunna is Glendora's advocate! She stands for parents' rights, advocates for teachers, and will work to restore trust, transparency, and unity to Glendora. She is committed to getting Glendora Schools back to academic excellence.

This 14 year Glendora resident is a working mother of two and a proud part of a law enforcement family. She is running in one of the most critical elections in Glendora's history...restoring our schools.

She believes the thing that unites all Glendorans is our love for our children and our love for Glendora.


She has personally experienced the growing disconnect between our school board and this great community. She watched as parents, citizens, and teachers voiced their concerns to our Board, only to have been met with silence. Glendora is facing a crisis of leadership, and Shaunna Elias is the advocate that will restore leadership to our schools once again.

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Gary is excited about an opportunity to serve District One of the Glendora Unified School District (GUSD).  He hopes to bring a spirit of collaboration, local values and a tradition of excellence to the Board of Education.


Gary has been involved in our community for decades as a coach, volunteer, mentor, housing element chair, teacher, college professor, Glendora Chamber of Commerce Chair and Board Member, Glendora City Council Member, and Mayor of Glendora. During his lifetime in Glendora Gary has had a significant relationship and impact on the GUSD. Gary has helped the district save hundreds of thousands of dollars during his time on City Council and as a local Business Executive. He has over 30 years of experience working with state and local government, including development of public policy and procedure. He serves as a Commissioner on the Selective Services Board, appointed by President George W. Bush. In his current business executive role, Gary serves over 20 school districts and has significant experience with the school boards and administrations. In addition, he has teaching experience at Azusa Pacific University and Los Angeles Pacific University and has been involved with those organizations for the past 25 years. Gary is also a retired police officer and has experience working with schools as a law enforcement officer.

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